Medical Basics

Cancer is plural. There are various types of Cancers depending on the area of the body, depending on how it develops, on the type of drivers. 

The Cancer Majlis is a platform aiming to ease information sharing to patients and caregivers. It is very clear that it won’t be a substitute to specialized medical sites or consultation.

Where to find reliable medical information?

For patients, the key point of information should be your doctor. Your doctor has access to your medical records and is familiar with your unique history.

That being said, medical appointments can be overwhelming when Cancer is involved. Lots of information is shared with a patient who is perhaps stressed or undergoing treatment impacting focus (“chemo brain“). Questions arise once home and the urge to consult Dr Google to clarify can be an overwhelming and negative experience. There are thousands of websites, blogs, forums offering information.

In the Medical Resources page, I share a list of suggested sites written by medical institutions and authorities providing clear information for patients and caregivers in various languages. Information generally includes:

  • Explanation per type of Cancer
  • Information about the various treatment and potential side effects
  • Advice to Caregivers
  • Advice to patients on how to talk about Cancer with kids

Since every case is different, I recommend not to look at statistics. We are not numbers.

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