The Medical Team

Oncology is the medical field for Cancer. During the whole journey (diagnose, treatment, follow up), patients interact with various members of the Oncology team.

Patients are in general referred to the Oncology team by GPs and other specialists such as Gynecologists, Gastroenterologists, Urologists or Dermatologists to name a few.

The referral can be done to a Surgical or a Medical Oncologist in general. They will prescribe the required tests and define the protocol. 

Radiologists and pathologists will provide evidence of the diagnose using imagery (PET Scans, MRI, Ultrasounds, Mammograms, X-Rays) and other Lab tests such as Blood tests or Biopsies.

Oncologists all work as a team however have the own field of expertise. They will intervene at the required phase of the protocol with the support of oncology nurses and therapists and explained below.

  • The Surgical Oncologist is the one of remove tumors, insert Port-a-Caths, performs some Biopsies. 
  • The Medical Oncologist is in charge of treatments such as Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy or immunotherapy. 
  • The Radiation Oncologist is in charge of the radiotherapy

Choosing our Oncology Medical team should of course be done based on qualifications but also on a trust factor. The treatment and follow up involves a long term relationship hence the human elements of communication and trust are key. 

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  1. Beautiful Cristina – as you are. I am certain that The Cancer Majlis will be a great support and comfort to so may people who are touched with the terrible illness. Love Samira

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