When you say Cancer, hair loss comes quite fast in the conversation.

Brunette since 1974

I was born with hair. Dense brunette hairy baby. The Latino side of me I suppose.

I had a bowl seventies cut, then in the 80s a square with fringe, no fringe, long straight hair and later in my teens the wavy perm version of it (omg). I said yes to hubby with long straight hair in a bun and cut them shorter after each kid but it always on a square haircut base.

On April 15th 2018, on my post lumpectomy appointment the surgeon told me that I had to have chemo. Who knows maybe my hair won’t fall.

The oncologist would later tell me that it would be 8 dense dose chemo sessions (2 cycles of 4 sessions). All the 3 drugs used, being known for their aggressive effect on hair. I would be bald.

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