Chemo & co

Chemotherapy is one of the main treatments used for Cancer and a scary word for many patients.

Actually, there are many types of chemo drugs used, several objectives (before surgery to reduce a tumor, post to reduce reoccurrence, palliative to soften the progression of Cancer), various protocols and different ways of administrating it. Medical oncologists generally follow international protocols depending on the exact diagnosis of each patient (area to treatment, cancer staging etc.).

What to expect? What about the side effects? Does it hurt?

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The Port a Cath

My Chemo ally

One of the steps involved in the chemo treatment is the insertion of a port-a-cath.
Accepting and getting comfortable with this little foreign body was actually a journey for me.

What is a Port-a-cath?

The port-a-catheter is a small device used to draw blood and give treatments, including intravenous fluids, drugs such as chemo or pre-chemo drugs, or blood transfusions. It is quite often placed via surgery on the right top part of the chest.

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