The impact of Cancer diagnosis on the family

Cancer is not the worse thing that happened in my life and I will deal with it. Nevertheless, the diagnose caused sorrow and stress around me which did make me feel guilty and emotional. The impact of the diagnosis on my husband, siblings, kids and parents is a real stress of all.

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The Port a Cath

My Chemo ally

One of the steps involved in the chemo treatment is the insertion of a port-a-cath.
Accepting and getting comfortable with this little foreign body was actually a journey for me.

What is a Port-a-cath?

The port-a-catheter is a small device used to draw blood and give treatments, including intravenous fluids, drugs such as chemo or pre-chemo drugs, or blood transfusions. It is quite often placed via surgery on the right top part of the chest.

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Accepting our mended body & soul

Some time back, in one of my google micro-moments, I landed on that inspirational image. It might be destiny, karma, luck, coincidence… never mind it resonated.

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