Cancer lexis

Who am I? Am I a patient, a survivor, a fighter? From the beginning of my Cancer journey when reading resources available to find answers to the million questions I had, I read all these words defining “us”, “me”. Strange enough, I couldn’t relate to these words and still struggle to…

Not that I’m in denial, just that I pay attention to words as they truly matter to me.

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4 Replies to “Cancer lexis”

  1. Aptly voices my thoughts….. I feel like a PHOENIX – who regenerates from its own ashes !! ( courtsey a fellow pink lady).

  2. Well written Christina as this topic was not that much developed when it comes to the lexicology used related to «  cancer » as for me I can define myself as cancer patient, fightier, survivor , brave all the adjectives can define me and at a certain point I can see myself only as one of the above mentioned or none of it so what I am trying to say is that everyone during his/her journey has a special concept it can fit the standards normes or not . If I define myself as a fighter this doesn’t mean I am fighting against my body , this means I am relying on my body to face the disease, if I use the word survivor this means I have faced my own fear , If I see myself as Brave because I choose not to give up even if I did not choose to enter to this fight , If I am a cancer patient this a fact that I can’t deny . I never thought that I would be able to reach that level where I can feel grateful for having cancer as this journey opened my mind and readjusted lot of things in my life . I am alive , I am confident , I am my own journey and I do believe in the legend of the Phoenix who regenerates and arises from the ashes and so am I

    1. I really like your understanding of a fighter!
      Few months back, trying to overcome the fear of relapse, I did an EFT session with visualization. Based on my previous comment about my understanding of fighting, the therapist suggested me to invite lost cancer cells to move away…, it worked. I see them less.
      What really matters is that we are at ease with words we use and be mindful that not all feel the same.
      You are a beautiful Phoenix Nad!!
      (I feel more like a Dragonfly 😊)

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